In The year….

The story of Camp Roadhouse is a story of hope. A business that was started in 1940 in the middle of a recession amidst the Second World War, built on the faith that all will be well.  It is a story of each generation listening to their inner voice and displaying the courage to take the next step into the future while honouring the generation that came before them.

 At Camp Roadhouse, Wes-Handelshuis, Camp Bakery & JJZ Enterprises, we are proud of our history and continue to incorporate it where we can in our new ventures. We love to share our experiences and hope that you will take a moment to stand still at the various contributions and milestones we’ve achieved & celebrated over the past 77 (!!!) years!

  • World War II

    Camp Roadhouse Opens

    While drinking coffee in the Little Karoo one summers day, Jan Potgieter and Giddie Pocock were deliberating the implications of the war and the economy, and amidst all the uncertainty decided to start a new venture to provide take-away food across the street from the Infantry School.    And of course because the soldiers were English they had to come up with an English name, so Camp Roadhouse was established.  That morning,  by fearlessly taking a step into the unknown, a legacy was born (for generations to come).   

  • 1941

    The two friends Jan and Giddie, also had to obtain special permission to enter the infantry school and sell their goods to the soldiers on a donkey cart.  So, on 10 February 1941, the name and concept Café-de-Move-On was registered.  To this day, true to the character and soul of our business, we meticulously and lovingly pack our goods to deliver to those who are unable to come to us.  

  • 1952

    Wes-Handelshuis opens its doors!

  • 1988

    Camp Bakery starts baking delicious cookies, breads & more!

  • New Beginnings For JJZ

    Sub Label

    Jaco, Johan and Zonia take over Camp Roadhouse, Wes Handelshuis and Camp Bakery from the Vorster family.   Just like the friends Giddy and Jan who established the business in 1940, these three close friends embarked on the same journey of hope and courage more than seventy years later. Stepping into a new venture, they committed to living their values of Joy, Jointly and Zest. 

  • House of Camp Cookies (Camp Bakery Extension)

    Our delicious cookies are so popular, we just had to expand!

  • Café-De-Move-On

    We love coffee, we love cookies, we love being together in a cosy setting around a fireplace – so we thought we would open up this feeling to the whole town & everyone visiting us!



  • 1 May 2019 | Belma Vir Thelma

    Belma Vir Thelma!

    Always looking for ways to better serve our customers (and make it easier for them to enjoy our delicious take-away meals!), we have created a new delivery service called ‘Belma Vir Thelma’ (roughly translates to Call Thelma). Any order over R100 will be entitled to free delivery and the bonus is you can also add our regular products we sell in Camp Roadhouse (for those days you are too lazy to come out of the house).